A logo emerging from the fields

International dimension

Seeds, our job

Grain, the core
of our business

The road towards innovation
and the future agriculture

MAS, name of our varieties

Our crop of origin "Maïs"
but not only

Our will to move forward

Our cooperative origins

A two-way verb: to develop

and to emerge from the seed

As of April 10th, MAÏSADOUR Semences is becoming MAS Seeds to start a new phase of its development.

We are upgrading our brand and logo to underline our innovative and international ambitions, that is to triple our turnover by 2026 and become a major player in the international seed business. The colorsblue and orange highlight our attachment to MAÏSADOUR Cooperative Group.
The new logo is emerging from the fields as crops from our seeds. The new brand name does not start with the word « maïs » anymore. It is to emphasize the diversity of species in our breeding, production and sales (corn, sunflower, winter oilseed rape, sorghum, alfalfa, and others).
Our new baseline “UNITED TO GROW” completes this new logo. It reminds the importance of cooperating to innovate, to develop worldwide, and to grow together, united around founding cooperative values.
About MAS Seeds: MAS Seeds is a subsidiary of Maïsadour Cooperative Group, main agricultural cooperative in the South of France with a turnover of 1.4 Billion €. MAS Seeds makes 85% of the turnover outside of France and 15% is invested in R&D. Today, it is structured around three professions: hybrid breeding for field crops, seed production and commercialization.
To provide high quality seeds and innovative solutions to help farmers increase the value of their production and their land in a sustainable way
Over 80 years alongside with farmers
The seed branch of MAÏSADOUR GROUP was created in 1949, few years after the creation of farmers’ co-operative in 1936 in south-west of France. The ambition was strong: create, produce and supply high-quality corn hybrids to a fast expanding French market. An ambition that was far overreached 80 years later.
Nowadays, MAÏSADOUR SEMENCES has become an international seed company with activities not only in corn but also sunfl ower, oilseed rape and alfalfa and many others. With these new challenging ambitions, the brand needed a new name and a new face, still attached to its history but better suited to the international platform and corresponding to our diverse business activities.
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